About Holistic Harmony Tribe

Holistic Harmony, where we are all each other’s teachers!

This tribe was founded by its creator Danielle Virya, to create a safe atmosphere for self love and deep healing.  It’s a space where we can unite as one, and know that none of us bare our pain alone.  We all come together to be each other’s teachers, reveal our deepest wounds, and learn to grow with exponential love, light and healing.  It’s a place where our shadow side’s are honored and nurtured.  Because without the darkness, we cannot seek the light!

The Holistic Harmony was founded by Danielle Virya in 2017.  The goal was to unite any modalities of love, energetic harmonization and holistic healing to create peace from within.  In 2018, she decided to expand this name to be the Holistic Harmony Tribe, adding members into the Tribe through healing music, meditation, psychic development and more!

In 2019, we expanded even further creating a YouTube channel, as well as a Podcast!

Danielle has a 15 year experience in seeking out her own mental health wellness for balance and composure in everyday life.  Having her own struggles with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, food addiction and beyond, she dedicated her life to seeking the answers her soul called for, in order to gain mental and physical strength. She no longer wanted to feel like she was merely “surviving” in this life, but actually living balanced in this world.  At the age of 30, after 8 years of constant soul searching, she finally took her questions and struggles to professionals in mental health advice, to get on the right path with managing unstable emotions, thoughts and feelings even further.  After consistent therapy treatments and a little assistance from Western Medicine, Danielle was able to take all of the tools she had gathered, and filled in some of the gaps that she was not able to on her own.  Once finding emotional support, creating stability and balance, she then turned her attention to a more Eastern approach, diving into spirituality, meditation, energy work, Yoga and much more.  Culminating 15 years worth of research, expansion, experience, and practice to figure out how to help people experiencing many of the same things in life as she once did.  Her mission is to make sure that no one feels lost in the darkness without a little beacon of light to show the way.

The Holistic Harmony Tribe is a community that generates love and healing.  As well as understanding and compassion through all parts of our individual journeys, connecting us all as one.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you join our tribe!



  • RYT 200

Additional Certifications

  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Chakra Sound Healing Certification
  • Spiritual Life Coaching